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Gómez y Crespo


In the year 1972 we install a farm I pilot pioneer in the sector, in which we study the behavior of the rabbits and experiment with new models of cages.

Then we begin to construct wooden ships to install the farms. Nowadays, our experience in the sector of Rabbit breeding, makes us leaders on the market.

Every year we go to the most important fairs of exhibitions of Spain and Portugal (also in international fairs as that of Cuba and Mexico).


GOMEZ Y CRESPO controls the quality of the products during the whole process of manufacture, from the raw material (of the first quality) up to the reception in our stores.

Our chain of production is provided with the most advanced and current technology. We give the maximum quality and guarantee to our clients.

Gómez y Crespo
Gómez y Crespo


The tendencies of the market change constantly, which forces us to realize new projects.

In GOMEZ Y CRESPO we develop products that fulfill the requisites demanded by our clients, and simultaneously we look that they are innovative on the market. A fruit of this philosophy of work there are numerous products that we have patented.


GOMEZ Y CRESPO have an advanced management system orders through bar codes, which allows us to organize and serve the goods effectively.

We serve the packed products or plasticized with assembly instructions. Each package bears the reference product and the customer.

Transport goods within our fleet of trucks.
Gómez y Crespo
ISO - 14001 / 9001


  • Crta. Castro de Beiro, 41 - 32001 Ourense (Galicia) Spain
  • Teléfono: (+34) 988 217 754 / Fax: (+34) 988 215 063
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